Monday, January 25, 2010

Put It All Together And What Do You Get?

The last few posts I have shown you how to make a Chain Garland, a Satin Ribbon Garland, Cake Pops and Paper Baskets.

But what I was really showing you, little by little, was how I was pulling together a small dinner party for some very special friends.

Put them all together (with a few extra touches) and this is what you get:

Valentine's Party

I added some crepe paper, some small hearts hanging from ribbons on the chandelier and some white tulle and colorful ribbon on the chairs. Then I set the table with the paper baskets for the Valentine exchange.

Valentine's Party

All in all, this whole room transformation was made with one pack of scrapbook paper, ribbon and tape. I added small embellishments like crepe paper and pink party napkins, but overall, the decorations and food were made by me.

Cake Pops

The whole space cost me less than $30 dollars and it created a mood and theme, welcomed my guests and made them feel as though I had gone out of my way just for them.

Valentine's Party

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